Dave Lynch 

   Having an artistic background and a Love of motorcycles of all kinds I attended Massachusetts College of Art and graduated 1992 with a BFA in Photography. Since that time I've been modifying and painting bikes of all kinds as a side hobby. I've recently decided to put more time and effort into my passion and make more of a go at it!

   I consider every paint job a learning curve and I'm humbled by the talent that's out there. I try to learn from others but I've found that most painters do not want to share so I've mostly been self taught. A friend, Pat Kelleher took the time and showed me the basics back in 1986 and I've been doing it ever since. The friends and connections that I've made throughout the years have been priceless and I thank everyone of them for their skills and friendship.

   Obviously from my body of paint jobs you will see that my favorite designs are flames and graphics but love to experiment.

   I'd be more than happy to speak with you about your ideas! Hit me up if interested or stop by to hang and discuss.

Thx, Dave  

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